25 May 2020
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Most DJ’s play digital music stored on a computer, with some genres being well known for using technology. However, one enterprising DJ in Austin, Texas calls herself an antique DJ.

Amelia Foxtrot DJs with an antique hand-cranked phonograph that plays 78s. She said:

“I’ve been doing phonograph DJ work for seven years. I started in 2012 because I wanted to buy a phonograph. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I thought if I created a business DJing with it, my hobby would fund itself. And I got to buy two.”

She plays mainly at private events, weddings and birthday parties and has been known to play at seances. She also plays jazz records at a social event in Dallas, Texas.

The advantage of being an antique DJ is that you do not need to plug in the phonograph, but you do have to be extra careful about not dropping the brittle records. Antique phonographs can be bought for less than £200 and the cost of vinyl records varies from around £1.75 each to more than £10. Antique DJs play small venues as their photographs are not very loud. Many people love the hissing, scratches and tinny sound of 78s that make them nostalgic for a non-digital age.

Some antique phonographs are housed in wooden cabinets that are crafted like a work of art. If you are lucky, you may be able to find one to match your antique chest or antique coffee table when searching at your Lancashire antique dealers.

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