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In Lancashire, antique desks have been used by musicians. The instruments kept inside them are often highly valuable – although robbers don’t seem to think so; certainly not if you’re a violinist.

Recently, thieves stole a priceless Stradivarius in London, only to try and sell it on the street for £100. Now, women’s magazine Chat has followed this up with a story about a greyhound who found a £110,000 case of antique violin bows, dumped by a thief who thought they were worthless.

If you’re worried about the antique chests in your Lancashire home being stolen to order, you needn’t be. Both these robberies happened in the open, when the owners dropped their guard. The Stradivarius was snatched when its violinist owner was distracted in a café, while the bows were spirited away when the owner – an antique instrument restorer – fell asleep on a train to Ipswich. In both cases the instruments were concealed in modern cases, which fooled the dim-witted thieves into thinking they held something else worth stealing. The violin bows were reportedly mistaken for billiard cues.

When the greyhound, fittingly called Angel, showed her master what she had found, he wasn’t impressed – until he realised the story had been in the local papers. The thankful restorer was overjoyed to have his bows back, one of which alone was worth £35,000. Angel and her owner were similarly chuffed with the £5000 reward.

If you’re in a musical mood, antique dealers in Lancashire sell antique chests which were designed to hold instruments and manuscripts. Often called music chests, these attractive items are equally useful for non-musicians to store their CDs and ipods.

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