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October 31, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Peoria, Illinois, recently welcomed Dr Lori, famous appraiser of antiques who regularly features on the Discovery Channel programme Auction Kings. The show was held at the exhibit halls in the Peoria Civic Center and 100 appraisals were carried out by the TV expert

At one appraisal, a man brought along a quilt which he had purchased at a yard sale – only to be shocked when Dr Lori valued it at $8,500 (£5,200).

However, while truthful and back by a wealth of experience with antiques, Dr Lori’s appraisals don’t always leave people satisfied; the owner of a Ball jar, which was previously believed to be a rare antique, was actually worth around $8.

Dr Lori said:

“If you want to get the real truth, you want to come to me. I break some hearts and I make some millionaires.”

The expert prides herself on being honest with clients who want to know how much an item is really worth. It is crucial to find a reputable antiques dealer who will sell collectors genuine items.

Dr Lori started appraising antiques after she met a women who sold an object for $50 that was actually worth around $50,000. Other guests at the show included a nutritionist, a chef and motivational speaker Gloria Loring.

Reputable antiques dealers in Cumbria have a selection of fine pieces of antique furniture, including antique desks. Clients are invited to browse items and are provided with information about the piece where possible.

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