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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to move into their first proper home together – apartment 1A at Kensington Palace. The apartment has been renovated to remove asbestos, and re-wiring and repair jobs have been undertaken with the roof of the Clock Tower wing. Although the Royal couple has been invited to select some of the antiques from the Royal Collection for their new home, they want to combine a selection of antique furniture with modern pieces.

According to a close friend, William and Kate are looking forward to starting family life in their first home together. The apartment, which had previously belonged to Princess Margaret, has four storeys and 20 rooms. This includes rooms for staff, dressing rooms, five reception rooms, three main bedrooms, a nursery for day and one for night.

The Clock Tower wing was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and the apartment for William and Kate has a private garden, unlike the next door apartment, which was the childhood home of William and Harry. Kate has taken a leading role in the decorations, encouraged by her father-in-law Prince Charles. With a degree in the history of art, Kate wants to “stamp her personality” on the home.

The apartment has had a new hot water and heating system installed, which is environmentally friendly, along with a modern kitchen. Although the antiques from the Royal Collection are kept within the family, collectors buy their own antique furniture in Lancashire . Antique cabinets and other fine pieces can all be found at reputable antiques dealers in the area.

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