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November 1, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

Gladewater, a town in East Texas is a thriving community of antiques malls and stores. However, following the recession of the 1980’s, many stores had closed, gone out of business and boarded up. The late Beth Bishop led a group of antiques dealers in a move which would eventually see the town officially recognised as “The Antique Capital of east Texas”.

The dealers started with booths in Gladewater Mall, which is now owned by Margaret Larkin. Individuals set up booths selling antique goods and collectibles. Gradually a number of other malls and antiques stores opened, until the Main street and two adjoining streets became officially recognised as The Antiques Capital of East Texas. About 200 individual traders now thrive in Gladewater, with antiques and collectibles to be found from all over the world. One shop is proud to stock items which have been sourced in Italy, including art and design.

The area successfully mixes the world of antiques with contemporary goods. One store sells exotic loose leaf teas, with over 20 blends available. In the same store you will find antique teapots, cups and other items used to brew a cup of tea. Gladewater also has a reputation for memories, as a number of people are happy to browse and recognise an item from many years ago.

Residents of the UK know they can find items like antique desks in the Lancashire area, in what could almost be termed the ‘antique capital of the North’.

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