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Where Victorian furniture, through mass manufacture, celebrated many past styles, the Edwardian era was more restrained, and much furniture of this period although still machined produced, followed the much plainer classic styling of Thomas Sheraton over a hundred years earlier.

Furniture such as the bedroom suite, sideboard, dining table and chairs all mirrored the simple classic styling of Regency pieces that were manufactured at the beginning of the 19th century. The Edwardian Sheraton style sideboards for example were very similar to their Regency counterpart, often with a bow or serpentine front, cellaret drawers for wine on either side and standing on the thin square tapered legs. Sometimes the machined marquetry medallions in these revival pieces are not as well made as the hand crafted originals, but for pieces manufactured in quantity at the beginning of the 20th century, they were elegant pieces of furniture which have stood the test of time.

The generic term for these pieces is ‘Edwardian Sheraton’ and pieces in the Sheraton style were still being made into George V’s reign. There were adaptations to these pieces that would never have been imported into period Regency pieces. An example is a concealed cellaret for holding bottles of wine within card table and writing tables that folded down.

Although modern pieces of furniture made in the Sheraton style remain popular today, ‘Edwardian Sheraton’ maintains that antique patinated look of the period Regency piece at a much more affordable price. When looking for an antique dining table , Preston antique dealers will be able to show you some fine pieces of Edwardian Sheraton furniture.

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