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December 10, 2013 - Filed under: Auctions — Harriet

A record player which was given as a wedding present by Elvis Presley is to be sold at the Penzance Auction House later this week. Its estimated value has been placed at £2,000, following lots of interest from the singer’s fan clubs.

The record player was given as a gift to Ellen Marschhauser when she was at a party at the Hotel Grunewald in 1959. Presley was carrying out his National Service at the time of the meeting and wanted to thank Ellen for some help she had given his father with translation.

The item was given to mark Ellen’s marriage to Jim Jenkins and was used by the pair for many years until the stylus broke. The couple then placed it in the attic of their home with the intention of getting it repaired.

According to the proprietor of the auction house, David Lay, a lot of excitement has been created by Thursday’s sale, especially from Germany. When Mr Jenkins spotted a similar item in a newspaper, he decided to sell it at auction. As so many memorabilia pieces are signed with the star’s name, extensive work has been carried out to prove authenticity of the Perpetuum Ebner Musical 5v Luxus.

The successful bidder may pay more at auction, due to an added premium. To display the record player to its best advantage, the buyer may also be interested in an antique cabinet. Preston has a number of reputable dealers who are happy to display pieces.

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