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January 6, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

Antiques expert Eric Knowles, aged 60, is at long last being included in the reference book ‘Who’s Who’. He is one of 1,000 entries to be added to the book in 2014, along with 11 other antiques experts who have appeared on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

‘Who’s Who’ contains short biographies of 33,000 people and is only by invitation. Eric Knowles includes details of his birthplace, Nelson and where he received his education. Others who have been invited to join the 33,000 people in ‘Who’s Who’ are Miranda Hart, Arlene Phillips and Nicola Benedetti. Two of Eric’s colleagues will also be joining him in ‘Who’s Who’; John Bly and Henry Sandon.

The entry for Eric is fairly brief at 28 lines, although the entries for the US President Barack Obama and David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister are in fact shorter. Recreational interests for Knowles include classical music, jazz, theatre, cinema, country walking and football. The entries in the reference book will remain until they die and will then be transferred to ‘Who Was Who’. The 2014 edition of ‘Who’s Who’ costs £250, published by Bloomsbury, while the online edition from Oxford University Press is available for £350.

Most antiques dealers in the UK won’t be lucky or famed enough to be included in future versions of the reference book, but will certainly deal in enough antique furniture. Cumbria, for instance, has a number of antiques stores, all with a variety of quality items which they are happy to display.

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