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The Restored Antique Furniture Exhibition in India features restored pieces that may conjure up feelings of nostalgia and romance for some visitors.

The exhibition is being held in Kottivakam, and the wonder starts at the entrance as visitors walk through the door frame, which is 140 years old and fully restored.

The old door frame measures 10 x 6 feet and has a canopy above that depicts flowers being scattered on those walking through below. The frames of the door feature elaborate carvings, and a scene from a story is displayed on the top panel.

The frame comes from one of the oldest mansions in Chettinad – a region in the south of India – and was considered an ideal entrance for the display.

The exhibition features chaise lounges, love seats and garden benches which indicate the elegant lifestyle of the previous owners. Paintings and other antiques are on display at the exhibition, providing a piece of history.

According to organiser Balaji Ramesh, most of the antique furniture received is in need of Restoration, including antique cabinets, dining tables and chairs. A team of restorers works on the furniture to bring it back to life, so that visitors to the display will gain pleasure from the pieces.

If antique furniture requires restoration, it is advisable to contact an experienced restorer who has the required knowledge. For pieces like antique dining chairs , Blackburn has reputable dealers who have the necessary skills and items on display ready for perusal.

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