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August 30, 2017 - Filed under: Auctions — Richard

A Koloman Gloser glass bought at a Derbyshire charity shop for 99p is being sold at auction in late 2017 for a guide price of between £100 to £150.

When antiques are donated to charity shops, staff make sure that they are sold at good prices to antique dealers or collectors. The Koloman Gloser glass demonstrates that occasionally, a genuine antique fails to be spotted.

In 2014, a lady found what she thought was a quirky screen print which she bought for 99p. She later discovered that it was a genuine print by British modernist artist Ben Nicholson. She subsequently sold the print for £4,200 and donated all the proceeds to charity.

Perhaps the highest value item found in a charity shop was a handbag spotted by John Richard in a London Oxfam shop in 2012. It was priced at £20, which he thought was a bit high. He offered £15 but the assistant would not reduce the price. Reluctantly he handed over his £20.

Afterwards, he noticed that the label in the bag was from Peter Treacy, an Irish Designer. He took the bag to the Peter Treacy shop in London for a professional opinion and was told by the store manager that it was a limited edition design worth £350,000.

Quality furniture such as antique desks, wardrobes, and cabinets will not be found in Lancashire charity shops for 99p. Instead, visit a quality Lancashire antique dealer to see charming items sold at reasonable prices.

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