10 Apr 2021
December 21, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

With airports fast becoming clogged up with waiting passengers, striking airline crew and zealous safety checks, and motorways suffering from nose to nose traffic and nasty accidents, according to an article in The Observer recently, the train seem to be racing ahead of its once serious rivals to provide stress free holiday travel.

Travelling on trains like the Orient Express slows down time in more ways than one. Not only does the holiday begin as soon as passengers get on the train, but holiday travellers can revel in the luxury of yesteryear in its wonderfully preserved old carriages. Perhaps it is a very expensive way of getting to Venice but with this type of journey, the joy is all about getting there, a very different scenario to the uncomfortable delays of modern air travel. Getting on the Orient Express and settling into lovingly restored compartments with their Lalique glass, antique fitted furniture and marquetry, and wood burning stoves is stepping back in time to a more elegant age.

If travelling across Europe and Asia is a step too far or simply too expensive, other Pullman trains can take the traveller somewhere nearer home. The Northern Belle enables people to experience the same antique luxury of the Orient Express without leaving Britain. Again the magic of the trip begins as soon as passengers step into the wonderfully restored Art Deco interiors. They can then sit back and enjoy sumptuous dinners and short tours throughout the picturesque British countryside.

Travelling back in time on these wonderfully restored trains would suit both the train buff and the lover of art deco antique furniture and whether travelling to Lancashire or Venice, the stress free experience is still the same.

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