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September 10, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Richard

According to one antiques expert, almost half of all antiques bought at live auctions, bidding sites online and antiques fairs could be fakes. Curtis Dowling made the announcement following the release of a report by the UK Fakes and Forgeries, which indicated that more than 40% of people who buy antiques don’t have them authenticated by an expert.

According to Dowling, counterfeiters are taking advantage of people who have a limited knowledge buying antiques. An average of £140 is paid for an item believed to be an antique, although 70 per cent worry about whether the item is a genuine or a fake. Dowling revealed that on the TV show Treasure Detectives, aired on American cable TV, out of 16 items produced on the show half turned out to be forgeries.

Dowling advises people to only buy antiques that they have had the chance to hold and examine, getting the advice of an expert if necessary. Online auctions are particularly good for counterfeiters, as people buy items without touching or seeing them. Just under half of people buying antiques do so to decorate their homes, while just under a third of people buy an antique for their historical interest.

The advice of Dowling is to buy from reputable antiques dealers, examining the items before purchase and having the item authenticated. A number of reputable antiques dealers can be found in Preston, with a special interest and knowledge in antique furniture, including antique desks.

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