22 Apr 2021
November 4, 2019 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — David

According to art and antique dealer, Adrian Pett in an interview that appeared in inews, investing in antiques to make money is not easy.

Pett explained that high valuations seen on Antiques Roadshow give the impression that is easy to acquire antiques that are worth a fortune. The reality is that many antiques do not significantly increase in value over time. He says that, whilst some items bought for very little have hugely increased in value, to make money from investing in antiques requires a serious investment of time and money. He added:

“It is important to see these investments are not core to your long-term wealth planning and rather as something to enjoy with the hope they might be worth more in the future.”

He said that it is important to find a good antique dealer who is willing to share their knowledge and sell good quality items at reasonable prices that could increase in value. Don’t expect to buy an item for a few pounds that is worth several thousand.

Another issue that antique buyers face is fake items. Without expert knowledge, it can be easy to fall for buying what looks like an antique but has been manufactured recently. This is another reason to use a reputable antique dealer who only stocks genuine antiques.

Most people go to antique dealers in Lancashire to buy items like antique sofas, chests, and tables that they like the look of and will fit in with the style of their rooms. Enjoying antiques is perhaps more important than their monetary value.

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