16 Apr 2021
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Many of the items sold in antique shops were once everyday objects, and collectables specialist Tracy Martin has highlighted some of today’s objects that she believes will become valuable antiques of the future and should be kept as investments.

Topping her list are first edition books which are already fetching good prices. Notable first edition books are Twilight, The Da Vinci Code and Game of Thrones.

Licenced toys and figures are likely to rise in prices. Harry Potter, Star Wars and Power Rangers toys could become particularly valuable.

Many models have collaborated with high street shops to produce fashion lines, including Kate Moss at Topshop. Martin says

“They have all the right ingredients to make them highly prized possessions in the future, thanks to a good designer name, their original affordable price and unique style that epitomises the era.”

Technology is being replaced rapidly, which means many older gadgets have little value. However, there are some first generation devices that are seen as icons, such as Apple’s first iPod Shuffle. Present day technology that could be iconic and valuable in the future includes Amazon’s first Generation Echo and the Dyson hairdryer.

Furniture items by prestigious designers, such as Emma Bridgewaters and Cath Kidson, are well made and should last a long time. They may become items that could be highly sort after in a decade or two. If you cannot wait that long, classic designs of antique chairs, sofas, tables and settees can be found in present day Lancashire antique shops.

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