05 Jun 2020
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Prices for ‘brown furniture’ have fallen over the last ten years, but experts believe that they are due a resurgence in popularity which will see prices rise.

Antique furniture is typically brown, which is why some people describe them as brown furniture. Prices for antique furniture have dropped during the last ten years, and this, according to some antique experts, is due to millennials preferring more minimalist white furniture such as those sold by the likes of IKEA. Although this furniture can be cheap, unlike most antique furniture it is not made to last.

Mark Hill, one of the experts on the BBC television program Antiques Roadshow has predicted that brown furniture is due for a revival. Antique furniture prices are beginning to rise. An example is a pair of George IV bookcases which recently sold for £17,500 at a Christie’s auction, considerably exceeding its guide price of between £4,000 and £6,000. Furthermore, sales at IKEA have decreased by 2%.

Many interior designers that once pronounced that brown furniture was not cool and fashionable, are advising people to buy at least one piece of antique furniture as a statement piece.

People are also preferring to buy furniture that will last. Well-made antiques have already lasted a long time and should continue to be in a good condition for many more years.

There are many fine examples of antique desk, antique sofas, antique chairs and more available at Lancashire antique dealers. Unlike flat-pack furniture, you won’t have to spend hours building them.

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