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April 27, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

Lane Crawford, by way of its Blitz division, has invited antique accessories experts to display their merchandise in its prestigious department store in Hong Kong, which sells luxury designer label goods.

Together, these experts currently have on display in excess of 1,000 vintage Chanel, Hermes, Patek Philippe and Rolex pieces to create ‘The Vintage Voyage Experience’ within the store.

Nicola Robinson of Maia, a Hermes expert, said:

“If considering purchasing a Hermes, Birkin or Kelly bag ensure they are authenticated.

“Hermes keep [sic] a record of all pieces they have ever produced. Hermes bags that are 10 years and older are vintage.”

Experts agree that potential purchasers should seek out pieces that are no longer produced, special one-off orders made for VVIPs or special size bags, such as 20 cm mini-Kelly bags, which are extremely rare. The condition is, as ever, vital. Experts also advise people to avoid any that have scuff marks, discolouration or faults with the locks.

According to watch experts Erick Ku and Daniel Bourne, of Vintage DB and 10pastTen:

“Quality vintage watches made by Patek Philippe and Rolex are always desirable and hold their value. Look for watches that are out of production such as Rolex watches that have coloured stone dials in coral and lapis, or the tiny Rolex Chameleon cocktail watches from the 1950s-60s.”

When it comes to buying vintage items in Lancashire, your local antique dealer will have made enquiries into the authenticity and provenance of the items they have for sale – so you can be confident that an antique dining table or Victorian dining chairs are genuine.

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