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At the November 2018 Harrogate Antiques Fair, there was talk about the antique sector having a resurgence and how affordable prices make it a good time to purchase antiques.

A few years ago, Ikea’s commercials urged throwing away old furniture and replacing it with cheaper furniture in the minimalist style. Times have changed, and old furniture is now fashionable. Duncan Phillips, a writer on antiques said:

“There’s no longer the interest in minimalism. That’s all gone now, and people are looking to decorate their houses in a far more period style. It’s changed quite dramatically. We’re finding a greater appreciation for value and people are looking at older pieces again.”

Many homeowners are purchasing fine antique furniture that looks good in their homes. They are turning away from buying cheap future that is thrown away after a few years. They visit antique dealers and antique fairs to find furniture that has lasting value. Furniture from stores such as Ikea is worth half or less of its original price after a few years, whereas antiques will generally increase in value.

In the 1990s, many antiques were overpriced but now antiques are more affordable. One dealer at the Harrogate Antiques Fair, David Harvey, said:

“The realignment of prices means that antiques have never been as affordable as they are now.”

If you are looking for antiques such as antique dining chairs , or antique settees, you will find many reasonably priced examples at Lancashire antique dealers.

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