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February 23, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

The Judges Lodgings museum in Lancaster is open over the half-term holiday, giving adults the chance to see Gillows masterpieces like the Mary Rawlinson antique bookcase, and kids the chance to enjoy a free programme of activities and entertainment in a truly unique setting.

The Judges Lodgings officially opens to the public on 29th March, closing at the end of November. However, the doors are also thrown open at various other times, including school holidays. This half-term, children can enjoy story-telling, marionette making and an exciting toy treasure hunt, searching for clues among the antique dining tables and open bookcases once used by the Lancashire judiciary. Alternatively, families can simply wander the museum at their own pace and admire the Gillows masterpieces on display.

The Rawlinson bookcase is just one of many pieces showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of Gillows’ cabinetmakers. They can be a valuable lesson in social history as well. For example, the antique dining table that Cumbrian visitors see in the Butler’s Pantry may seem overtly large and grand, but it originally stood in the Judges Dining Room until it was demoted for being unfashionable – a common practice at the time. An even more magnificent example now stands in its place – also made by Gillows. There is also an interesting painting of Whittington Hall, Lancashire. The antique cabinets and other furniture, again all supplied by Gillows, are designed to give the impression of being collected by several generations of the same family, but everything – including the house – was made in the 1830s.

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