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A court has ruled that a woman who sold a rare antique vase for £228,000, has to give the proceeds of the sale to the original owner, the mother of her ex-partner. Andrea Calland sold the Chinese vase, which she described as ugly, at auction. A dealer offered £375 for the vase, but as he appeared too keen Ms Calland decided to sell the vase at auction.

The vase originally belonged to Evelyn Galloway, 74 who had inherited the vase from her father. In 1990, when Mrs Galloway’s son Stephen moved into a flat with Ms Calland, she loaned the vase to the couple. The vase was subsequently moved to various homes with the couple until their separation in 2001. In 2008 Stephen decided to look for the vase while looking after their children, but couldn’t locate the vase.

Mrs Galloway allegedly tried to speak to Ms Calland but she refused contact. Following the attempts at contacting Ms Calland, the rare Chinese vase was spotted on the front page of the newspaper. The court heard how Ms Calland believed the vase was something she had collected as a student, or had belonged to her father. Judge Seys Llewellyn QC believed that Ms Calland didn’t know the true value of the vase. The value had increased significantly, as interest in Chinese art has intensified over the last few years.

It is crucial to check ownership of any item before buying or selling, which is why an expert should be consulted. You will find a number of experienced antique dealers who sell art and antique furniture, like antique desks, around Lancashire where you can be sure of legitimate ownership.

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