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February 19, 2010 - Filed under: Antique Chairs,Antiques News — Richard

A rather tongue in cheek article by Craig Brown in the Daily Mail this week on: ‘1000 things to avoid before you die’, suggested that so called ‘fashionable hotels’ were getting rid of any of their more mature hotel staff and anything resembling antique furniture and replacing both staff and furniture with Brad Pitt look alikes and lots of black vinyl to bring a buzz back into the hotel trade. As the article progressed however, it was clear that he was pointing the finger firmly at what had replaced the old familiar and he was keen that hotels should now throw out the modern and return again to the old.

Craig Brown’s main point was that the comfort of hotel guests was being compromised by having all these ‘sexy young things in tight fitting suits’ installed where, instead of wearing welcoming smiles, they were casting snooty glances at their not so young guests. He suggested to hoteliers that the way for guests to feel comfortable again, and good about themselves, was to reinstate the old familiars or as he put it: ‘replace all their healthy young staff with old folk who look like Wilfred Hyde-White and Margaret Rutherford’ and ‘throw out all the slick, angular, matt-black furniture and replace it with worn-out armchairs and sofas’.

Perhaps a return to the friendly sags and familiarity of antique furniture, after what seems to be years of sterile minimalist design, could be just around the corner. Antique dealerships in Lancashire and Cumbria stock fine examples of antique arm chairs that would immediately bring comfort and character back into our lives.

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