09 Aug 2020
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A figurine sat on an antique shop shelf for 30 years has finally sold at an auction recently, bringing in a large amount of money.

The antique shop owner mistakenly thought that the 8-inch statue was made in India and probably dated from the 19th century, when in fact it was over 1,000 years old. It depicts the Indian goddess Budevi on a lotus pedestal. Experts believe that it was made in the Tamil Dadu region of India about 1,000 AD.

After 30 years of neglect, its owner decided to sell the figurine at auction with a £200 reserve price. The auction was advertised on the internet, and soon the auctioneer began to get calls from India inquiring about the figurine. The auctioneer realised that the figurine could be worth more than £200, especially after a Chinese man paid £1,000 to reserve a sale phone line.

Bidding started at £2,000 and ended at £155,000. With fees added, the total price came to £199,640. Auctioneer John Nicholson said:

“Anybody could have walked into that shop over the last 30 years and bought it for £200. We are delighted, the person who bought it is delighted and the person who sold it is delighted. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

There are many fine antiques for sale in Lancashire antique shops. Amongst the antique desks, antique wardrobes and antique chests, could be a hidden treasure that is worth a great deal of money.

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