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Finding that perfect piece of antique furniture

Making the decision to ‘go antique’ as a presiding theme for your home décor cannot be gone into lightly. When buying new or repro, many pieces of furniture are sold in sets, and buying as much or as little of a themed arrangement is entirely up to you. However, when buying antiques, purists will want sets of antique chairs from the same era, design and possibly the same workshop, but finding these complete sets of furniture that have stood the test of time can be quite difficult and expensive.

There are of course other ways of doing it, and most people who theme their home with antiques will follow this course of action. Buying what you like and not sticking to a particular period or designer gives a house that element of individuality that new furniture will never be able to replicate; and of course whatever you buy will be an investment for the future. Michelle George, writing about antique furniture in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, recently quotes local dealers who say:

‘An antique is an investment. You’re not going to find something like this in a new furniture store. It might cost you a little bit more, but it also won’t fall apart in three years.’

Finding the right pieces is not just a financial investment; it also means an investment in time. Reading about antiques and understanding their history, going to auctions and wandering around antique shops and asking antiques dealers for advice will all expand your knowledge. At the moment it is a buyer’s market so a good time to invest.

So when looking for good selections of period and revival antique tables, chairs and antique cabinets in Preston or the surrounding areas, a reputable antiques dealer can show you a good selection of pieces.

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