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January 30, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — Harriet

The Flog It! team are going to be paying a visit to Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire on 30th January this year. The series producer Louise Hibbins and the presenter of the show, Paul Martin are looking forward to discovering some rare and valuable items during filming. Last year, the discoveries included an Aboriginal Broad Shield and Royal Doulton figurine.

The BBC antiques show is now filming its 13th series and has over two million viewers tuning in to its weekday slot on a regular basis. On the show, people are invited to bring along three items to be valued. The owner of the item, along with the team, will decide whether to sell a piece at auction. If this is the case, the item will be taken to auction at a later date. Every visitor to the filming of the show will get a valuation for free, even if any of their treasures aren’t selected for auction.

The Dean of Southwell Minster said:

“The Minster Community look forward to welcoming Flog It! to the cathedral in January. We are always delighted to share in a community event.”

Last year a Royal Doulton Spook figurine was taken along to Blackpool. It had been bought for £2 but sold at auction for £5,000.An Aboriginal Broad Shield was auctioned for £30,000 in North Lincolnshire.

It may be possible to buy antiques for a lower price at reputable dealers, as an auction house will add a buyer’s premium onto the final price. For antique furniture, like an antique bookcase, you will find a varied selection in Lancashire.

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