20 Apr 2021
March 9, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

After a shop was extensively flooded, its owners discovered hidden antique treasures during the clean-up.

The House Clearance Emporium in Coleham Head, Shropshire, was flooded in the early 2020 floods. Its owner Brian Taylor, during the clear up, lifted a carpet up to reveal a hole cut into the plywood that covered the subfloor. Underneath this was a brick box measuring about four by three feet, which was filled with motorcycle parts and scrap metal from a time when the shop was a motorcycle store.

He realised that many of the motorcycles parts were antique items over one hundred years old and were valuable. Classic British motorcycles including BSA, Norton and Triumph are collector’s items. Original spare parts are difficult to find, which is why high prices are paid for genuine spares like those found at the House Clearance Emporium.

After the shock of finding his shop under several inches of water, it was a pleasant surprise to find the motorcycle parts. Brian Taylor was also intrigued to find that beneath the carpet and plywood was a solid wood floor that had been hidden.

It’s unlikely that you will find a hoard of antiques under your floorboards. However, if you have any antique furniture that may have become damaged, this will probably need to be restored before it can be sold or passed on.

No matter your reasons for doing so, redecorating your home can be an ideal time to purchase antique dining tables , chairs, sofas and cabinets to refresh your rooms with the look of a bygone age.

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