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July 31, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

The former Mayor of Suffolk, in the United States, has made plans to hold an estate sale to sell his possessions – including his collection of antiques. Andy Damiani, aged 91, will hold a sale over three weekends to make sure that the contents of his home go to people who will care for them, especially the antique furniture.

According to Damiani, he doesn’t want his treasured possessions to end up in a yard sale, so he enlisted the help of an antiques dealer to organise the selling of the antiques. His home contains a variety of valuable items, including Queen Anne and Chippendale antique chairs, silver items, books, collectibles, Royal Doulton china and much more. The proceeds of the sale will go to St. Mary of the Presentation Catholic Church. Damiani spoke of his home and the contents, saying that all the items are valuable but also have a story to tell. For instance, a neighbour’s cat had its kittens beneath a Queen Anne antique chair. China that had been used by Damiani and his late wife Mary on a daily basis turned out to be valuable. Among the antiques are other treasures, including books, commemorative plates and glassware.

Once the sale is complete and the house sold, the money raised will be donated to Damiani’s church and he will live in his apartment. Antique furniture and other items often have a story to tell, possibly having been passed down through generations before ending up at an antique dealer’s store.

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