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January 15, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Harriet

An antique helmet displayed at a recent fair generated huge amounts of interest, leaving its present owner confident that it would be sold in the near future. The helmet is 140 years old and was worn throughout the 19th Century by Mounted Police in the French capital. The piece had been displayed at the Mount Maunganui Antique and Collectibles Fair, which is a two day event.

The helmet’s owner, Peter Zervos from Lyttelton in New Zealand, also displayed various other items of military memorabilia at the fair, which included swords, books, daggers, military uniforms and German beer steins. Following his retirement, Zervos became an avid collector and attends around 30 fairs annually. He said the antique head gear possibly dates back to 1870, and he also believes that the helmet would still be used by the Paris Guards today.

Zervos purchased the helmet from another collector and hopes it will be sold for around £530 ($870) – although he has seen helmets which are similar sell for as much as £730 ($1,200). The head gear requires some restoration work, although it still attracted lots of interest at the fair. Zervos believes that someone will buy the helmet and display it in a cabinet for some time before selling it to someone else.

For such an outstanding item, a suitable display unit would have to be found, perhaps an antique cabinet. Lancashire has a number of antiques dealers with cabinets made from various types of wood that would suitably complement the helmet.

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