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February 28, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Desks — David

It seems crime is still rife in the antiques world, according to reports received at our antique desksLancashire auctioneers have been given a warning to be extra vigilant, following a new type of scam targeting the antiques trade. A dealer lost over £1,200 of stock, when he was contacted online by an overseas “customer.”

The request to have the antiques shipped to Japan by a specifically named shipping company seemed fair enough – except had he checked, he’d have discovered it was a Pakistani company operating from Dubai, which had ceased trading. Then the customer insisted on paying by PayPal – a not unusual request for overseas buyers. Except the PayPal account – and follow-up “confirmation” from PayPal that funds had been released from the customer’s account – were both fake. The dealer, none the wiser, released the goods for shipment – never to see them or the promised money again.

Warning to vendors in Preston selling Victorian dining chairs online: if you’re mailed by an interested party called “Mary Rolland” be very wary, especially if she insists on Global Freight Logistics as the shipping company.

Another scam with an internet bias had a happier outcome, when the Specialist Art and Antiques Unit of the Metropolitan Police Service arrested a seemingly respectable “dealer” from Lymington Spa, brazenly selling fake Winston Churchill memorabilia on eBay. Fraud detectives moved in when they noticed a suspiciously high number of letters and books bearing the great war leader’s signature being sold online.

Many antique dealers in Lancashire and Cumbria sell antique desks, furniture and collectibles online. Stick to legitimate BADA/LAPADA traders who have a “bricks and mortar” presence and secure payment methods, and you won’t go far wrong.

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