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April 19, 2012 - Filed under: Victorian Dining Chairs — David

A small piece of antique marquetry furniture brought a big profit to a Cambridgeshire Cash In The Attic woman – despite the screening date of Friday 13th. Together with a watercolour of Reims Cathedral and other items, over £1,000 was raised at auction; more than enough for the home alterations she was planning.

If you live in the Ribble Valley and like Victorian dining chairs and antique marquetry furniture you were in for a treat, as John Cameron had plenty of both to keep him busy in Angie’s home. An antique balloon back dining chair stayed where it was, but an envelope folding gaming table, which she remembered her grandfather playing bridge on, made the trip to the saleroom, selling for £300.

Gaming became popular in the Restoration period, when Charles II came back from exile in France. Card tables evolved during the early part of the 18th century. John said the “Sheraton, Adamesque” style of the table suggested a date of around 1790, but that it was actually a Sheraton Revival piece, made about 1900. He noted the use of hardwoods, such as rosewood, and beautiful inlaid boxwood motifs such as arabesques. The clever “folding envelope” design transformed the table top into a larger baize surface, complete with little scalloped dishes for gaming chips. Beautiful, elegant and functional, he estimated it would be worth £250 – 350 at auction, which was spot on.

If you want to find Sheraton Revival furniture, such as antique dining tables , in the Ribble Valley area, try a reputable antique dealer.

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