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May 12, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

David Dickinson, famed for being the original presenter of BBC’s Bargain Hunt and more recently ITV’s Dickinson’s Real Deal, is all set to host his own afternoon chat show.

David, recognised for his individual suits and Mediterranean suntan, has a ferocious knowledge of antiques and antique furniture. He has been a regular on our screens since Bargain Hunt began ten years ago. His easy style and public appeal, in what used to be considered the fairly stuffy and exclusive world of antiques, has done much to turn the British public into a nation of collectors and bargain hunters.

David is always quite happy to put his fellow dealers on the spot in Dickinson’s Real Deal when they offer to buy antiques brought in by the general public. If he considers the offer to be too low, then he encourages the dealers to increase their offers. If the dealer is unwilling, then David takes the contestant and their antique to auction to see if they can get a better price. Whatever the outcome, most contestants are usually quite happy to have David’s company for a short while.

David’s new show, which is to be called The David Dickinson Show, is due to be aired on ITV starting on May 17th. There will be an antiques section to the programme as well as current affairs, general celebrity chat and some music.

David Dickinson’s easy style has meant that he has become increasingly popular since his Bargain Hunt days. Despite his television appearances, he still continues as an antiques dealer.

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