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August 17, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

James Braxton, the well-known antiques expert who has appeared on Antiques Roadshow, was the guest of honour at a recent charity event. The charity fund raiser was organised by the Inner Wheel Club of Uckfield and the Rotary Club. The event was held at the Belmont Centre, attracting over 50 people.

A variety of family heirlooms, collectibles and antiques were brought along on the day to be valued by the guest antiques appraiser, Braxton. One lady, Merrill Plowman, brought along a family photo album which had previously belonged to her great aunt, who had been born in 1880. The album turned out to be the most valuable item at the appraisal, valued between £1,000 and £1,500. Other items brought along included medals from World War I and sketches which were produced in World War I when her aunt was in the Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Corps. Autographs collected at the 16th birthday celebrations of her aunt were also produced. Two charities will benefit from the day’s proceeds, which came to £560 – Sussex Air Ambulance and the Children’s Respite Trust Club.

Treasured family heirlooms can be surprisingly valuable – especially items which are kept in good condition. Antique furniture is often used for many years in a family home before someone decides to have the item valued. Treasured pieces like antique marquetry furniture often turn out to be valuable, yet are still used on a regular basis. For anyone looking for furniture, including antique dining tables , Preston has a number of antiques dealers with a selection of pieces.

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