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A funeral museum is set to open in February, in the town of Chatham, Virginia and will be only the second to exist in the U.S.

Simpson Funeral Museum will feature displays of funeral antiques, along with exhibitions detailing funeral practices throughout the centuries.

Bill Simpson, who is a funeral director specialising in producing hand-crafted, exclusive caskets, has collected funeral antiques throughout his career spanning 50 years. The other existing funeral museum is located in Houston, Texas. The museum will provide a detailed history of the funeral services and practices over thousands of years, including mummification practices in Egypt. Replicas of the caskets of famous figures will be displayed, including those of Presidents Reagan and Kennedy, Elvis Presley and John Wayne.

The building housing the museum was originally a funeral home, built in 1895. The establishment will be a non-profit and entrance to the museum will be free of charge to all. Initially, the museum will be located on the ground floor, although if successful will expand to the second floor. Mortuary practices throughout history will be presented to visitors, while a horse-drawn hearse from 1876 will be displayed in an exhibit.

Antiques of all kinds hold a simple fascination for many people who want to know the history of certain practices and life throughout the centuries. Pieces of antique furniture often have a detailed history which can be discovered by the type of material used to make them and the practices used. The UK has a number of antiques dealers with in-depth knowledge of items like antique marquetry furniture . Lancashire is just one of the locations in which reputable dealers can be found.

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