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June 8, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — David

The owners of a second hand store in the US, James Hull and Sarah Keepers, got more than they bargained for when they purchased a chair at a garage sale for $5. The couple spend their weekends searching for items which they can sell in their store, and when they saw an old chair made of plywood but with an extraordinary design, they quickly snapped it up. The chair may actually be worth thousands.

The chair was initially used by James when he played video games, before being left unused in the garage for nearly a year. Eventually, Sarah decided to donate the chair to a charity. Just before giving the chair away, Sarah decided to check out the chair and the label which was on the underside. The brand name of Herman Miller and the designers, Rae and Charles Eams, were displayed on the label. Following further investigation, Sarah discovered that soon after production, the plywood chair had been presented to the Museum of Modern Art, placed into the permanent collection there. The Eams brothers discovered a method of heating and bending plywood into various designs and shapes. After contacting the Herman Miller Museum, the couple has discovered that their chair could be valued at thousands.

Collectors of antique chairs often know exactly what they are looking for and will spend time searching for the ideal piece. It is unusual to discover a genuine antique in a yard sale, but a collector may find a selection of antique dining chairs in the Cumbria area of the UK.

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