05 Jun 2020
October 8, 2018 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

A Florida resident, Jesse Brody, in 2014 found a 1920s steel dental cabinet in a derelict house and took it away. It has been stored in his warehouse where it was abandoned for years.

Brody tried to give the cabinet away, but people did not want it because they felt the item was too large. Recently Brody decided to restore the cabinet. Whilst doing this, he discovered something stuck at the back that turned out to be a packaging bag.

Brody described what happened next:

“I take the drawer out and in the back is a ‘Sun-Maid Raisins Bread’ bag and it looked like a loaf of bread … Instead of finding mouldy bread, it’s full of gold (and) cash … I said, ‘My God,’ I mean you hear about this kind of stuff.”

The gold and money are estimated to be worth $30,000. Brody does not want to keep the valuable items and has made his find public in the hope that the heirs of the original owner, Cuban Rolando Periche Mojena, will be found and claim the find.

Brody added:

“Maybe whatever the value of this, twenty (or) thirty thousand dollars, maybe that makes the difference in somebody’s life, and maybe I was meant to find it and to give it back.”

If you purchase an antique cabinet at a Lancashire antique shop, it is unlikely you will find hidden treasure inside, but you will own antique furniture that looks good in your home.

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