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September 7, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Richard

Eric Knowles is to make an appearance at the Gordon Craig theatre 14th September, when he will talk about his lifelong love of antiques and his career in the antiques industry. The valuation expert, aged 58 is well known for his appraisal of antiques on the Antique Roadshow, which made him a household name.

Eric grew up in Lancashire surrounded by castles, a Roman Fort and local history, including the famous Pendle Witch trials which were said to have occurred in Lancashire in 1612. He acquired an interest in antiques in his early childhood, which led on to his employment with Bonhams auctioneer, eventually becoming director.

The specialist subject of Knowles is ornamental continental glass, china and pottery, although he has come across much stranger items. Whilst working on the Antiques Roadshow, Eric was presented with some false teeth which were reputed to belong to George Washington. After further investigation he said:

“My wife worked for a top dentist in London and we made an X-ray of the teeth. We were able to determine that the screws holding the teeth were from a later period than when George Washington had been alive.”

The most valuable item he has seen was a dish from the Ming Dynasty, worth £850,000. Like Eric Knowles, if you have an interest in antiques, and are looking for items like a vase or antique dining tables in the Lancashire area, one of the expert antique dealers will show you a variety of fine pieces.

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