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April 9, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

Police have recovered a statue aged 2,500 years old from a goat pen near Athens, Greece, and placed the goat herder and an accomplice under arrest. It is alleged they were trying to sell the illegally excavated piece for half a million euros (around £415,000) – it is worth £10m.

Alongside the Victorian dining chairs and antique oak pedestal desks , Cumbrian antique shops will often have marble statues for sale. Jardinique statuary became very popular during the 18th century, when ancient Greek and Roman sites were visited by aristocrats taking the Grand Tour. This craze for collecting ancient artefacts sparked the neoclassical movement, in which the ancient world was expressed in everything from antique cabinets to garden statues. During the 19th century, this limited approach became wholesale plundering, the Elgin Marbles being a case in point.

In Greece, all antiquities are state property by law, so Athens police took a very dim view when they discovered the largely intact statue, circa 500 BC, concealed in a goat pen. The statue was in the shape of a young woman. Having already made lucrative searches for a buyer, the herder and his accomplice were quickly arrested. Although the statue itself isn’t rare, its condition made it extremely valuable and detectives are now trying to determine where it was excavated, in the hope it will lead to an undiscovered 6th century BC cemetery.

If you like the classical look and live in the Ribble Valley, antique desks, Victorian dining chairs and neoclassical statuary can be found by searching the local antique dealers.

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