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June 14, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

According to an article by Emily Jenkinson in the Independent on the 10th June, more than 150 antique dealers on the Portobello Road in London are losing their stalls where the Good Fairy antiques arcade has moved aside for a large chain store.

One of the dealers, Marion Gettleson said:

‘Small businesses are being priced out by landlords who have to get a return on their massive multi-million pound investments whether it’s exhibition space or the retail space and the central government has done nothing to help.’

There was a 21% reduction in UK sales in 2009 and a 7% reduction in the price of antique furniture according to the Antiques Collectors’ Club Annual Furniture Index. In her article, Emily concluded that it was not all doom and gloom for the antiques trade where online auctions declared a 120% increase in bidders and a 55% rise in sales where antiques dealers and collectors are increasingly bidding on line.

However perhaps the most promising advent for the antiques trade is coming from the younger generations and the green lobbies where people are becoming increasingly conscious of third world exploitation, poor quality and expensive imported furniture. The Antiques are Green movement appreciates the history and quality of antique furniture plus their potential for investment generally and during periods of recession.

Antique dealers are proud of the quality pieces they sell and are well aware of growing environmental concerns. For advice on Arts and Crafts furniture , Lancashire has a host of expert antique dealers that can help.

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