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Antiques have long and illustrious history of hauntings. This Halloween, there were a number of events in and around Lancashire, which explored the scarier side of antique desks and furniture.

From Georgian mirrors to Victorian dining chairs , one thing antiques have in common is a reputation of spookiness. They have, after all, been previously owned by dead people who may have formed quite an attachment to their antique desks and wardrobes.

If you’re planning on crossing over to Newcastle some time soon, you can find out how haunted your own antiques are with a personal “reading” at Castle Keep – reputedly Britain’s most haunted castle. Until November 2nd the castle has a packed program of Halloween-themed events, which includes the Haunted Antiques show. For a small fee qualified mediums will give “spiritual valuations” of smaller items. While this probably counts out antique desks, Preston visitors can still take along associated miscellany, such as ink wells and fountain pens. Remember – the more personal an object is, the more likely it is to give off psychic “vibes.”

Of course, Lancashire has plenty of haunted buildings of its own. Beautiful Samlesbury Hall, in Preston, is famous for its antique desks, tables, art works – and ghost tours. Chingle Hall, also near Preston, is reputedly Britain’s most haunted house. Dare you sit on one of its Victorian dining chairs?

Preston antique dealers warn patrons not to get too worried though. The Victorian dining chairs you bought in Cumbria are more likely creaking through central heating stresses, than repossession by their previous owners.

If you find your Victorian dining chairs stacking themselves in mid-air, however, it might be time to put away the beeswax and call a medium.

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