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Roger Waskow is at his most peaceful when he is sat at his antique writing desk in his home on Russell Island, penning letters to his family with one of his own handcrafted pens. Roger, aged 52 began his hobby of making pens a couple of years ago. Formerly a financial planner, Roger finds the art of making pens peaceful and therapeutic. His pens are all made individually, to be presented as a special gift and the hobby has now developed its own niche, becoming hugely sought out gifts.

The pens are made from a variety of materials, including wood found close to his home. Acrylic, man-made ivory and gold are also used to make the fountain pens. He made a pen for his brother out of antique timber, 150 years old which is often used to correspond. As Roger is a skilled lathes man and has a passion for wood, making pens seemed the most natural development for someone who is always busy and craves peace and tranquillity.

The pens may take months to complete, as each process is painstakingly slow. After cutting and shaping the timber, it has to go through a finishing process which is all done by hand. Collectors of fine antiques have the same appreciation as Roger, loving the handcrafted quality of an item which incorporates practicality and beauty. You will discover a variety of antique desks in Lancashire , in addition to other antique furniture.

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