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October 1, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — Richard

The gold sofa holding pride of place on the set of Alan Carr’s Chatty Man was hand made by a small furniture company in Gateshead, it emerged recently.

The owner of the firm, David Robinson, has also produced furniture for the London store Harrods and Boston’s Harvard University. The company hand crafts all its furniture, using traditional techniques.

According to a report on Sky.com published last week, Robinson said that he was pleased his company had been asked to produce the sofa for Chatty Man, adding that working for a well-known TV personality was good for the company’s reputation.

He started making and selling furniture more than 10 years ago, working from home. Robinson’s interest grew when he hired a craftsman to work on restoring furniture, which led to him learning the craft himself. His interest in antique furniture grew as he learned more about the craft. He said:

“I asked myself why this 150-year-old piece of furniture hadn’t fallen apart like most people’s furniture and learnt all about the frame, the construction and the fillings. It was like looking at the engine of a Bentley.”

Although 80 per cent of his business involves selling new sofas, the remainder is devoted to antique sofas. More people than ever are choosing antique furniture for their homes, both as a practical furnishing solution and also as an investment. Established antiques dealers in the Preston area have outstanding pieces of furniture, including antique dining tables and chairs.

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