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Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos Workshop school offers courses to students on the art of historical restoration. Youths aged between 17 and 25 take part in a variety of courses, including masonry, carpentry, plaster work and mural painting, which all last two years. The students also expand their education with maths, languages, history and culture so that they will have an improved knowledge of the antiques that they are restoring.

Raidel Molina, aged 21 is a second year student at the school and has worked on the restoration of an antique table around 100 years old as his most recent project. Molina admits that he likes the fine detail which makes the art of restoration so rewarding. The school was founded in 1992 as an agreement between the Spanish government and the City Historian’s Office. Since the school opened there have been 860 students learning the art of restoration, benefiting 150 Havana projects during that time. Havana was declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982 but is now proving to be a popular tourist area.

According to administrators, about 70 percent of the students find restoration work in the neighbourhood and surrounding areas on completion of the course. One student stayed at the school after graduation in order to teach stained glass restoration. Patricia Godinez Alonzo, aged 27 said:

“My sister is an accountant and she’s happy, but I find that kind of work monotonous.”

Antique restoration is a skilled occupation and residents of Lancashire should ensure that antique dining chairs and other pieces are taken to a qualified restorer, to ensure the preservation of your antique furniture. .

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