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December 13, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

The clearance of a garage in Hawick revealed a pair Ming dynasty bronze antiques which had been hidden for decades years. It eventually sold for just over £16,000 following a bidding war among worldwide collectors.

Following the death of a resident in Hawick, Border Auctions was called to carry out a clearance of the garage. During an interview with Hawick News, the proprietor of the auction house, Maurice Manning, said that he recognised the items immediately, although he was unaware of the particular dynastic period.

The two bronze censers had been stored away for 20 years before being discovered in a box. The Chinese antiques were placed on the auctioneer’s website – which caters for a worldwide audience – and garnered a high level of interest.

Manning was amazed at the reaction to the bronze pieces, as three live bidders fought for the items alongside three telephone bidders and four commission bids. He said that although he knew that the antiques were valuable, he had no idea of just how much interest they would generate and how much they would eventually sell for. The person who bought them has remained anonymous, but is known to be Chinese and living in the US

The value of antiques at auction can unexpectedly soar, leaving some bidders unable to compete. For some items, like antique furniture, it may be preferable for collectors to browse the shops of reputable dealers, where they will find pieces such as open bookcases. Preston has a number of antiques dealers who have a selection of items for perusal.

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