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A collection of antiques which has been hidden away for years was auctioned last weekend. The family treasures that were discovered in Ohio, where; antique motorcycles, cars, furniture, tools and toys were unearthed from barns. The auctioneers were amazed by the vast collection. The discovery belonged to William King Jnr, only to be found after he passed away.

The family were established in the area, and the items date back to the 1800’s. Jerry Jenkins from Worley’s Auctioneers said it was unusual to have that number of antiques all stored in one place. The find included a Harley Davidson, classic Corvettes, antique motorcycles and a tractor. A 1985 Lamborghini and a Chevy pick-up registered in 1966 were also uncovered. William King also collected guns and uniforms from the military, which have attracted bids from all over the world.

Antique furniture was removed from the bedroom of the house, and included a Victorian bedroom suite which dates back to the 1800s and original beds where the babies slept which came from Christ Hospital. Jenkins commented:

“In these barns set back off this road is one of the most amazing collections I’ve seen or heard about in my life.”

According to Jenkins, King was an avid collector of a variety of objects. Antiques form part of a family history, having been in use for centuries in some cases. It is common practice for people to throw items out to be replaced by modern furniture, cars or whatever, but if you love the history that surrounds antique furniture, you will find a wide selection of fine pieces including Victorian dining chairs , in the Lancashire area of the UK.

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