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November 13, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — David

The owner of a store which sells chairs in Canada recently made a decision to return an antique sofa to family members of the original owners – after recently discovering a hidden inscription written 50 years ago.

Joan Downing owns Chairs Limited, but also loves to restore and upholster antique furniture. The firm obtained a sofa that required upholstering, but once the original covering had been removed, a message from the owner – penned in the 60s – was revealed. Relatives were traced and Downing returned the sofa to them.

According to Joe Murray from the Dartmouth store, it is rare for an inscription of any kind to be discovered on furniture. The message reads:

“To whom it may concern. Frank and Louise Baird. We have had this couch for 31 years and it was about 50 years old when we got it. This a very mild January day, a good winter so far. January 4th, 1963. Onslow, Nova Scotia.”

Murray compared the inscription to a time capsule, while Downing thought it was a clever idea to leave a message. Online research revealed that Frank and Louise had both died – Frank passed on in 1980, and Louise in 1973. A relative was traced, Page Baird, who instantly recognised the handwriting. Downing decided to return the antique sofa to Page.

Antique furniture often has a complicated history and collectors in the UK will find sofas and antique dining chairs in Blackburn or Preston. Although the furniture will be in good condition, you never know what secrets will be discovered.

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