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August 16, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

An old silver teapot which was valued by antiques experts on popular TV show Flog It! was valued at £120. However, following further discussion and the realisation that the owner had more antiques in addition to the teapot, the expert recommended seeking further advice from auctioneers. The teapot actually sold for £2,200, while the whole collection of antiques raised a record total of £140,000.

The teapot was part of a collection of antiques from Tibet which had been brought home by the owner’s grandfather. The grandfather had been part of the Younghusband expedition in 1903, which was the first entry to Tibet for explorers from the UK. Andrew Aldridge, an auctioneer, took notice when the owner of the collection mentioned the exhibition, as other items from Tibet had previously sold for large amounts. In addition to the battered teapot, he had statuettes representing deities of Tibet and 140 rare photographs. At auction, the statuettes sold for £77,000 and £45,000, while over £12,000 was raised by the photographs. The collection attracted a lot of attention as it had not been seen before, because the owner’s family had kept it safe.

According to the BBC, the £140,000 raised at auction was a record total for the antiques programme Flog It!

There is always the possibility that an antique will sell at auction for a record amount, although buyers pay more at auction than at a reputable dealers. For collectors of antique furniture like antique chests, an established dealer is a preferable option.

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