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July 8, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

A visit to Boise in Idaho by Antiques Roadshow, a PBS TV show, revealed far more hidden treasures than expected. The popular U.S. antiques programme had visited Idaho for the first time and, although the team expected some valuable objects, they were pleasantly surprised by the items brought along for appraisal.

U.S. Antiques Roadshow was first aired in 1997 and has remained a popular TV show. Every year during the summer, the team visits around eight cities, offering free appraisals to people with collectibles or antiques. One expert who appears on the TV show is David Rago, a porcelain expert. He admitted that the team had been surprised by the number of good quality items which had been brought along. Items showcased varied in value, with a British teapot made of sterling silver being valued at $50 and a globe from 1918 valued at $1,800. A variety of other items were brought in for appraisal but the public will have to wait until the show is aired in 2014 to discover the value. Among the items were an apothecary cabinet and a version of Pluto from the Disney movie, which was actually from Paris.

Some of the best discoveries are from the cities rarely visited, including a Navajo blanket which was valued at $500,000 but sold for much more. Although some of the more unusual items are harder to place in value, furniture pieces like antique desks are a little easier to appraise.

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