31 May 2020
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A homeless man searching through a rubbish bin in Canada found a framed picture of the Disney character Bambi.

He took it to antique dealer Alexander Archibold in Edmonton, Canada who thought that it was a replica animation cel from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Based on this appraisal he gave Adam Gillian, the homeless man, $20 for it.

Afterwards, Archibold removed the cel from its frame and found a certificate of authenticity dating from 1937, five years before the film Bambi was released in cinemas. He realised that it was an original hand-drawn animation cel used in the film and worth much more than he originally thought.

The cel was sold on eBay for $3,700 and Archibold decided to give Adam half the proceeds. However, finding Adam was not easy as he had no fixed address. After driving around the streets of Edmonton, Archbold eventually found someone who knew Adam who could pass on a message for him to visit Archbold’s antique store.

When Adam arrived at the store, he was shocked to be given half the proceeds of the sale. News reports of the event caused members of Adam’s out of touch family to contact him and arranged for him to visit home.

You are unlikely to find valuable antiques in British rubbish bins. If you want to purchase items such as antique desks or antique cupboards, you will find them at Lancashire antique dealers at fair prices.

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