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According to research conducted by Direct Line, one person in six has donated an item to charity or a friend, only to discover later on that it was valuable.

Millions of people are believed to have given away possessions without realising they are valuable. The survey also revealed that almost half of the recipients did not know how valuable their possessions were.

Expert in antiques Drew Pritchard advised that the antiques market is currently experiencing interest in traditional antiques that may be passed down through generations, like toys, teddies and furniture like antique sofas. Pritchard said:

“It is important to thoroughly inspect your antique, keeping a close eye on any manufacturers marks or imprints as this could make all the difference.”

Around 2,000 people were surveyed for the study, and the results indicate that a large number of homes have items that are more valuable than their owners realise. Almost 20% of recipients admitted that they owned items they suspected may be valuable, but had never had a valuation. Antique and vintage items are owned by almost half the recipients, and yet they have no idea of their value.

According to the study, as many as 41% of recipients have not included these items in their home insurance policy, and 17% of antique jewellery owners may have pieces that are priceless. Among the more popular antique or vintage items owned by people in the UK are antique furniture, jewellery, ornaments, vases and pictures.

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