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October 23, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques Advice,Antiques News — David

As the recession bites into more people’s pockets and ever before, and we enter the run up to Christmas in earnest, burglaries are set to rise. However, today’s burglars aren’t just content with stealing easy to sell items such as television sets, DVD players and jewellery; they’re also looking for antique furniture, antique desks and other high class items that can fetch a lot of money if sold on through the right channels.

Antiques have been targeted in burglaries lately with a theft from a home in South Woodford last week resulting in 500 different antiques being stolen. The owner of the home returned home to find that the door of his house had been broken down and his collection of antique watches had been taken by thieves. Some of the watches stolen were worth as much as £8,000 each.

Another burglary in Yorkshire earlier this year saw a valuable collection of antique coins, books and clocks stolen when a property that was unoccupied was broken into by thieves. The property was being handled by an estate agent when it was left empty, with the priceless antiques inside, making it an easy target for criminals.

With the theft of antiques being so prevalent in today’s society, what measures have you taken to ensure that your valuable antiques are protected in your home? Plus, should the worst happen, you should make sure that your collections are adequately listed and insured for their correct valuations.

Antique collectors aren’t the only ones looking for antiques.

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