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Victorian antique furniture is often thought of as heavily carved and cumbersome, particularly pieces from the 1840s popular rococo revival where furniture rather than looking period tends to be regarded now as oversized pastiches.

There are however many fine examples of hand finished machine made pieces from this period that would grace any modern living or dining room.

The Loo table is a prime example of Victorian cabinetry which has endured into modern usage. The table was designed originally for playing cards or ‘Loo’ as the name suggests and would comfortably sit between six to eight people. The table originally created during the Regency period tended to be round, about four foot in diameter. It came into its own during the Victorian era when playing cards became more generally popular. Originally made of rosewood, mahogany plus a return to the use of burr-walnut, it would have a central pedestal with a three way cabriole foot. Tops to these tables could be plain or quite elaborate with marquetry, brass and marble inlay.

The Loo table when used as a dining table, as with any round table forms an egalitarian seating arrangement where no-one can sit at its head and all diners can talk comfortably to everyone else. Many people that own these tables match them up with Victorian balloon back antique dining chairs that are strong and serviceable without being cumbersome and often come in sets of six.

When looking for antique dining tables in Lancashire , consider asking local dealers for Loo tables to create that intimate dining space in your house or apartment.

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