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Vintage furniture is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, with the availability of various styles, fabrics and types of wood making antique sofas an ideal choice.

However, the addition of an antique sofa to your home doesn’t have to result in formal or old fashioned décor, as other pieces of furniture will work well alongside your chosen settee to create a fresh look.

Reasons to buy antique settees

Purchasing an antique sofa could save a lot of money in the long term, as it will last for many years. The frame of an antique settee is generally handmade and sturdy, constructed using solid woods like mahogany or walnut.

The colour scheme of a room could be chosen to complement the wood, which may have decorative carvings. Many modern sofas are made using cheap materials that can cause discomfort as the sofa ages. A vintage sofa will provide comfort for many years if it is cared for properly.

Antique accessories

There are various pieces of vintage furniture that would complement a sofa, including antique coffee tables or foot stools. Such coffee tables can be productively placed within easy reach of a couch so that cups, magazines and any other items can be placed close by. End tables are another choice and can be picked from the same period as the sofa. For instance, inlaid Edwardian furniture may complement an early 20th Century sofa.

The fabric of a sofa can influence the type of accessory used in a room. A heavily patterned material may be complemented by an antique footstool covered in a plain fabric of a similar shade to the sofa. Similarly, the walls may be painted in a complementary hue also. A settee that is made from a dark wood like mahogany may dominate a room, so painting the walls in a light shade may enhance the elegant hue of the wood.

The lighting in a room is important as it can help to create the desired ambience. A lamp placed on a side table close by an antique sofa will provide illumination for reading, while casting a warm glow that will complement the tones in the settee’s fabric. If it is your desire to recreate the appearance of a Victorian era room, wall lights that are similar to those that would have been used in the late 19th Century will create the relevant mood.

Just as you can blend decorating styles from various eras, you can also mix modern furniture with antiques to create a fresh, contemporary appearance. A solid piece of furniture like an antique sofa will last for many years, but the appearance of the room can be changed regularly just by replacing modern accessories. Up to date pieces of furniture will all change the tone of a room and can be regularly altered without spending large amounts of money.

Antique versus modern accessories

Modern accessories are a low cost and can easily be replaced, but pieces like antique coffee tables have a quality that cannot be replicated with an imitation. An antique sofa can be the focal point of any room with a combination of old and new accessories that complement its quality and appearance.

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